Diablo 3 – Enchantress

Another attempt at colouring, nothing big yet.


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Diablo 3 – Enchantress Bust

Starting to tamper with clothing and accesories now, it’s one of the bigger hurdles i’m facing atm, tried it on a small buste furst, ended up working a week on it as i;ve been doing every part over for about 3 times to get it right, bit I “get” it now, now to perfect the workflow around that and get a whole lot better at it, working on colour on this one..

Still lots more improvement needed!

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Alien Practice sculpt

Polypaint and Sculpt practice based on a concept by H. Fowler.


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Croc and Workflow update

Still here ;).

I’ve been doing this for two month’s now, and i’m none too pleased with my progress so far, I’m nowhere where I want to be at the moment, and my discipline is poor at best, so I’m stepping up my game. Having a lot of time at hand is a great thing, but I underestimated how overwhelming it could be, along with it’s distractions. So i’m reworking my learning schedule and shutting down a lot of distractions like facebook and the general internet (aside from reference and tutorials offcourse and go full production of whatever i’m struggling on.

My blog will remain updated, but i’ll less with more content.

Currently finishing up on this feller here, again hit a lot of walls, learned a lot of things regarding alpha brushes, but clearly noticed that I was grinding gears far too often on certain parts, that needs to be smoothed out.

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Diablo Concept – “coloured”

My texturing skills have remained sadly underdeveloped in the past, I tend to change that, good texturing and material definition can make or break the greatest or worst models, so expect more of that coming, Been staring a bit too long at this one, time for the next.


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Practise run – Full Character Diablo Concept

Had a bit of a Dry spell last week, but managed to get things rolling again, time for full characters now, started out with this one based roughly on artwork from the diablo 3 artbook, whipped him up in 2 days, learned a lot on making clothing an accessories, and know that those require a lot more focus.

Diablo_01 Diablo_02

I’ll give this guys some colours and move on.

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“Speed” Sculpt – Hal

Slow week, nasty cold’s keeping my down, colour coming up next for this ken/hal jordan mix match, further eye study.


Dat Hero chin!

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