“Speed”sculpt – Red

Time to go into further “detail” still messing around with the hair, but the face worked out a bit better this time, mainly the eyes. also adding colour from now on.


It’s Mary Jane Ariel Watson Grey Phoenix Rabbit Johansson.

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Anatomy Dryruns 3, “female” edition

Okay I tried to make a female body this time, I used the male body, so she shares her brothers weird hands and feet, but converting the male body to the female worked pretty good, all the muscles where in place (be it a bit wonky here and there) so I could just change the features to be more feminine.


I’ll dabble into these a lot more, I want to make a bit more stylized character but it’s good to know where everything goes on a human body, but it needs a lot of refinement, it’s also fun to do so thats a plus.

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Anatomy Dryruns 2, whole bodies edition.

Allright, time to make it a bit more complete, I kinda fumbled up the hands and feet, (usually I have no problems with those, so far) and you can break a bowling ball on this guy’s back.

But I did encounter another enemy with this one, Proper proportions! try saying that 3x quick.
he’s overly muscular, but if you know where the stuff is you kan build around it.


Man his back looks like it’s made out of asses.

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Buns of steel, aka freakshow Anatomy Dryruns

Hookay, time to move to completer characters, I’ve been avoiding this for a while as I found anatomy to be overwhelming but lets make some muscle mishaps!

Man there are a lot of muscles to learn, so this was a first tryout to see if I can even make them, a complete mess, but I “get” how the muscle structure is formed, so time to use that in next models.



But its fun to learn, so I’ll get to some proper body’s hopefully very soon, and female bodies!

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I hear something…

I have no Idea where I was going with this, but I tried putting something down in a short time, somehow he kind of ended up looking like max shreck (look it up.)


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Another female, with hair this time!

Another attempt at a woman’s face, for some reason I find women to be very tricky, but I want to be able to make proper female faces and bodies. so lets start at the top, I tried a rough sculpt of hair on this one, as we’re all getting tired of the bald heads.


Yes it’s a tad cartoony.

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More… what the hell are they?

I can’t keep making monsters all the time, so I’m doing some humans in between, well at least I try to make some humans, but I end up making sins against god anyway, all the more reason to keep at it!  still baldies I’m affraid, gonna move to hair and eyebrows soon.

I started out with.. well agent 47 over there, and later tried molding the same mesh in a more female form. The hardest part for me is the eyes, so expect a lot of eyes coming.


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