Croc and Workflow update

Still here ;).

I’ve been doing this for two month’s now, and i’m none too pleased with my progress so far, I’m nowhere where I want to be at the moment, and my discipline is poor at best, so I’m stepping up my game. Having a lot of time at hand is a great thing, but I underestimated how overwhelming it could be, along with it’s distractions. So i’m reworking my learning schedule and shutting down a lot of distractions like facebook and the general internet (aside from reference and tutorials offcourse and go full production of whatever i’m struggling on.

My blog will remain updated, but i’ll less with more content.

Currently finishing up on this feller here, again hit a lot of walls, learned a lot of things regarding alpha brushes, but clearly noticed that I was grinding gears far too often on certain parts, that needs to be smoothed out.


About The Videogame Historian

Bachelor in Game design and developer, Retrogamer and 3D artist.
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